1. Generals:

  • NANOWEB/NEOWEB (Nano Polymeric Composite Alloy) has manufactured by NANOTECH under the registered name: “Nanoweb”. This is a Cell Cellular System, has been perforated and textured in order to increase the stability and strengthen structure in construction. Cell Cellunar System combines with in-filled materials to create unique & united structure, with geosynthetical physical and technical strengthen properties.
  • Nanoweb (Neoweb) has been created by an unique formular including many polymers which have been synchronized. This compound includes fatigue resistance of Hdpe and creep resistance of Polymer (PET). This compound is not degenerated, enable to agaist chemicals, fire, water because of low thermal expansion. Its technical properties can disappear under the difernce of low & high temperature. Nanoweb products & system has been manufacturered each cell size and tested the quality carefully in Lab before using in the construction site.
  • Nanoweb includes celllunar system, keep and protect in-filled materials inside by three directions, create the high tensile strength at any directions.
  • Nanoweb Technology is a groundbreaking soil stabilization and reinforcement technology for civil engineering and transportation infrastructure. The Nanoweb is a composite 3D honeycomb structure created by the interaction of infill soil, strip material and cell geometry.  The high-strength, creep resistant cellular confinement system technology maintains soil compaction to provide long term and reliable soil reinforcement.
  • Backfill materials in Nanoweb (Neoweb) are very rich texture depends on the technical requirements of the construction, can be used immediately on the spot or materials of construction waste.

* Nanoweb system have many different dimensions and adapt to different clients’ requirements.

–  In terms of expanded cell size: Nanoweb has 3 kinds: Standard cell size ( 21x25cm), average cell size (29x34cm) and big cell size (42x50cm).

–  In terms of Nanoweb’s height: It includes 7 different height: 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25 & 30cm. Basing on different design & structure, we can choose Nanoweb in according to our projects & allowed budget.

Why choose Nanoweb?

Nanoweb manufactured from polymer materials Nano scientific name is Neoweb with better mechanical properties than conventional HDPE material. Cut resistance, creep resistance, high tensile resistance and degeneration in high chemical environment. Don’t lose the technical characteristics of temperature variation cycle high.    


  • Perforated Nanoweb create more stiffness and tough for canal & slope
  • Decreasing slippery erosion and settlement of soils, creating a better system.
  • Limitation of investment costs by using on-site materials.
  • Decrease the costs basing on faster construction speed, finishing the projects on time.
  • Decrease maintainance and upgrade costs later
  • Simple installation technics; fast installation speed.
  • No requirements of complex machines.
  • Available installation in water.
  • Friendly with environments.
  • Enable avoid environment effects & infiltrated salt-water corrosion. As the result of that Nanoweb can apply for sea embankments and waste treatment areas.
  • No polluted environment and no effects on surrounding living conditions.
  • It is a flexible structure and it can suffer the dramatically changing of environment temperature.
  • Lifetime up to 50 years in the highest temperature.



Designed for the challenges of civil engineering Nanoweb are a new standard in road base reinforcement and ground improvement. Created from Nanoweb, a novel polymeric alloy, Neoweb is the only geocell designed for heavy-duty road pavements, such as highways, railways, and working platforms.


The high modulus Nanoweb reinforces pavement bases and/or subgrades while increasing the modulus of infill. This enables the use of lower grade infill in the structural pavement and reduces the layer thickness to save road base construction costs. Nanoweb geocells also extend the lifespan of the road pavement, thereby reducing maintenance and lifecycle costs


– Saving land area for canal construction

– Limitation of current speed by widening water cross section

– Decrease bottom ground slope by multi layers structure

– Protecting Canal & building landscape

– Construction of drainages for dams

– Construction of Dam foot


– Retaining Walls

– Reinforced MSM Walls

  • Road & railway installation

  • Slope reinforcement protection

4. Auxilaries tools & equitments:

  • NANO-Anchors
  • NANO-Tendons
  • NANO-Clips
  • NANO-Keys
  • NANO-Drivers

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